Picasa 图片管理软件免费下载


(感谢下载Google Picasa 图片软件)

Google Picasa原为独立收费的图片处理软件,其界面美观华丽,功能实用丰富。被Google收购后,已改为完全免费软件。只需拥有Picasa,你就可以随心所欲地体验你的歌谱图片和数码相片了。
1 When you launch Picasa, you can immediately organize and edit the photos on your hard drive. Picasa can also help import pictures from your camera.
2 Try sharing pictures online with Picasa Web Albums. To get started, simply select photos that you'd like to share, and press the 'Upload' button.
2 Try adding name tags to your photos on Picasa or Picasa Web Albums. Click "Unnamed People" in Picasa to get started.